Enrollment is Limited to Ten Children

1) Schedule a personal appointment with Silke (575-224-7307). This will be an opportunity to ask questions and talk about your child's biography and your family’s needs.

2) Arrange a visit with your child during a school day.

3) Sleep on all the information given.

4) Make a $200 deposit to commit for the school year and hold your child's place.

5) Familiarize yourself with the Guiding Principles (below) and the methodology and practices of Waldorf education and forest kindergartens (see pedagogy).


Tuition Agreement

Full Time Students (4 days)       $550 per month (10months)

3 day students                        $450 per month

2 day students                        $300 per month

Included in the tuition fee are two group parent meetings, two individual parent meetings and three festivals.

2019/2020 Calendar

Aug 26 Orientation for Parents and Children @ South Boundary Trail 10-11:30 AM

Sept 3 First Day of School (Tuesday)

Oct 24 Field Trip to Farmer Ron’s (Parents Invited)

Oct 31 Halloween in School Celebration (Parents Invited)

Nov 7 Field Trip to Farmer Ron’s (Parents Invited)

Nov 25-28 Thanksgiving Break

Dec 19 Winter Celebration/Last Day of School

Dec 23-Jan 12 Winter Break

Jan 13 Back to School

Feb 13 Valentine Walk Through Town

March 2-6 Spring Break

May 7 May Celebration in Town

May 21 Last Day of School

Songs From The Earth Children

Guiding Principles


1. Parent Teacher Alliance / Home Visit / Meetings

I will visit every child in the home setting to create a connection between school and home. This gives the child a sense of security, e.g. my teacher knows were I live and can bring me home if need be.

Communication between parents and teachers: weekly newsletters will be written with reflections upon the week and include announcements as well as educational articles. Parent meetings, individual and collective are offered to support us in creating an understanding of what we as teachers, parents and our children need in the time we live in. The gatherings will be designed around the needs of the group.

One mandatory meeting will be held prior to school start. This will serve as an orientation meeting to help parents understand the program, therefore this meeting will be held in the great outdoors.


2. Calendar

The year's calendar is established to work with Nature’s rhythm. We start after Labor Day and do not observe many of the public holidays. The main breaks are during Thanksgiving, Winter and early March. Parents may take their children on vacations or breaks as they choose.


3. Carpool

Parents are encouraged to carpool if it feels like the right fit. This is the responsibility of the parents and can be a community building experience. If the child needs the drive to spend individual time with the parent this should be taken into consideration.


4. Towards Health / Sickness / Absences

We are committed to a healthy lifestyle and we try to model healthy habits in regards to food, clothing, warmth, care for oneself and each other. Parents are called to evaluate if their child is healthy enough for an outdoor day. The child always needs to be able to walk on their own and carry their own backpack. Most children do not fake sickness but want to go to school so badly that you might have to assess their energy level by having them do a few tasks in the morning to see if they have stamina. Saying no to a child who is not well can be difficult but is important. Lingering coughs are not a problem since we are not in an enclosed setting. Any sickness which is contagious will need to be communicated to the teacher and the child will be asked to stay home. Our children are generally healthy and so are our teachers. Teachers are encouraged to take personal days and will have the support they need. We are practicing healthy lifestyles, including early bed time and good food in order to be fully present.

Fevers are helpful for children and I encourage parents to create a quiet space and let the child move through the experience using medication only if truly needed. Our bodies are our allies. Our relationship to health and sickness is a gift for the child.


4. Substitute Teachers

Earth Children will have one lead teacher and an assistant with Wilderness First Aid training & CPR. Substitute teachers will be called upon if needed. In the rare case that both teachers are absent school will be canceled.


5. Snow Days / Rain days / Sunshine Days

We do not cancel school. It is the parents' decision to stay home if the road conditions are not safe. Proper clothing in order to stay warm during cold winter days is required. Rain days require preparation. If you are not prepared to have the child in proper gear the child needs to stay home. Abundance of sunshine in NM requires consciousness around wearing hats and sleeves. We try to avoid sun burns and wear protective clothing. Parents must apply sunscreen before school if sunscreen is wanted. Parents are encouraged to be tuned in to weather changes. It can be helpful to have a bin in the car with extra mud boots, rain jacket, mittens and sun hat.


6. Drop Off / Pick Up

Locations are consistent, but may change seasonally or on field trip days. We will give timely notice in the event of a change. Parents must arrive on time, because we often walk to location. Late arrivals cannot be accommodated.


7. Field Trips / Town Days

Occasionally, we will have field trips to farms in the early fall and late spring. This will be announced and parent participation is welcomed. Extra drivers might be needed. Town days will happen around the Fall equinox, Winter solstice and May day. These are town community days, like caroling.